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The Importance of Friendships and Social Connection for Kids

Summer Day Camps Foster Social Connections and Children’s Mental Health For many of us, summer camps bring back memories of laughter and good times in the summer sun, but they are much more important than that for a child’s mental health. Child mental health experts...

Benefits Kids Get From Swimming

10 Benefits of Children Swimming  If you are looking for an exercise for your child to do that will have many benefits, you should look no further than swimming. Swimming is a great exercise that kids love to do. They can swim at home, swim at the local pool, and...

5 Benefits Kids Get From Spending Time Outdoors

Why You Should Let Your Kids Spend More Time Outdoors Nature-deficit disorder is the phrase used to show that individuals, especially kids, spend less time outdoors. Statistics indicate that children spend at least seven hours each day in front of electronics, meaning...

Best Summer Activities for Building Kids Confidence

Engaging Your Child to Boost Confidence Child development is a vital process in your children's lives; through it, they develop personalities. These personalities define the kids and significantly influence their perspectives on life in its diversity. One of the...